Silent Mid-Sized Tower

H2 Silent Mid Tower Computer Case



H2 Silent Midtower Chassis

NOISE – chaotic wavelengths that distract, distort, impede, confuse, and endanger the gamer during a life and death situation. If you are a professional gamer, avoid it at all cost. Intelligently constructed to give you peace of mind, NZXT’s H2 Classic Series Silent Midtower Chassis minimizes extraneous hums, clicks, whirls of your system to enhance your concentration, accuracy, and deadliness.


Touch powered fans with fan filter for easy maintenance and fan swapping
30W 3-step fan control for airflow settings at 40%, 70%, and 100% of maximum fan speed
Top hot swap capable SATA HDD Dock (requires an AHCI capable motherboard and hot swappable HDD) and USB 3.0 port for the most up to date function
8 Front facing HDDs for optimal airflow
Noise dampening foam and a top magnetic fan cover for minimal PC noise
Ample 25mm space behind motherboard for cable management